Welcome to AlShuala Media

Who are we?

Al Shuala Media offers a one-stop service for all your outdoor advertising needs. As a leading company in the MENA region, we strive to deliver your brand and message directly to your audience in the most visible way possible, ensuring that your brand connects with your clients in a memorable and consistent way. Unlike other forms of advertising, when you use our services you will have 24/7 exposure in the most noticeable locations possible, allowing us to provide the simplest solutions to your advertising needs.

And, with years of experience in the Middle East we have secured the best locations for you to display your brand. Having advertising space in every prime spot around the UAE means you don’t have to shop around; you can just come straight to us.

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Our Company Culture

We are a hive of innovation and creativity, with a bright and talented team of individuals carefully selected for their ability to work with clients to see their vision realized. Our emphasis is on listening to our customers needs to deliver superior solutions, while honesty and professionalism are the key tenets from which we operate and we exist.

Our sole aim is providing you with outstanding service and tangible results. We know that in order to make sure you return to us time and time again we must create and offer a service that is consistent to the UAE. Therefore, our team collaborates with you every step of the way to make sure your brand is highly visible to your existing and potential clients, with results being the ultimate goal. We know you want them and we want you to see them fast.


Our Difference

We have a commitment to provide excellent and high-level services for all our clients with great customer care being a point of pride to us. We know that the aim of advertising is to increase the foot traffic through your door and add to your profits, and it is our goal that we give you the best possible value for your money, by creating unforgettable and eye-catching billboards.

Plus, as Al Shuala Media owns the majority of our advertising spots, we can provide an ultra-competitive rate directly to our customers, keeping costs down by removing the middleman. Not only is this cost effective but also enhances direct communication with the advertising provider - simple and convenient.


Chairman’s Message

Al Shuala Media is making its mark on the advertising industry. We believe that our brand can directly benefit the companies of the MENA region, by providing maximum exposure for all outdoor advertising campaigns.

As one of the leading media and marketing companies in the UAE we are able to offer our clients something truly special, a relationship with a media company that can effectively help you to expose your brand across the Emirates, all with the same organisation. We are experts and have a long experience in the printing and installation field of outdoor advertising billboards.


Vice Chairman’s Message

When creating Al Shuala Media we wanted to differentiate ourselves from the regular advertising companies. Creating a place of one-stop solutions so we could fulfill the media requirements of our customers across the UAE.

We believe that in order to stand out you have to create a service that simplifies your customer’s needs and adds value to their company, and that is what we have done at Al Shuala Media, a place where you can bring your idea for advertising from pure concept through to installation. You will be able to reach your audience on a citywide scale, because your brand deserves the perfect exposure.


What do we do?

We boost your brand into the public sphere, empowering you to get the exposure and brand recognition you need. As a leading outdoor advertising provider, we have created an advertising solution that is audacious and memorable; creating lasting impact. Where other forms of media advertising are fleeting and easy to pass over, our outdoor billboards provide instant impact, which create lasting visibility where you can convey your message instantly. Whether this is on backlit billboards, bridge banners or even digital displays, we exist to ensure that your brand gets noticed.

It is essential that your campaign is carefully crafted from start to finish to achieve optimal results. Therefore, we will work with you to see that this is done and your vision is fully realised. Our outdoor advertising locations are carefully curated to ensure high traffic and when paired with our energetic and daring designs are guaranteed to draw attention throughout the day and night, giving you the premium exposure you need.